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AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination

NEW! AVID 2020-2021

Advancement Via Individual Determination, AVID, is a seventh through twelfth grade program that prepares students in the academic middle for admission to a four-year college or university. The AVID elective provides them with the skills needed to be successful in advancing academically with the ultimate goal of attending college.


If your child is interested in the year long AVID elective course at Jefferson next year, please encourage them to fill out the application below. 

Make sure you are logged into your APS Google account to access the application.

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a nonprofit that changes lives by helping schools shift to a more equitable, student-centered approach. We train 70,000 educators annually to close the opportunity gap, so they can prepare all students for college, careers, and life.

When schools partner with AVID, they receive professional development, a suite of resources, and ongoing support to ensure a lasting impact that maximizes their return on investment. AVID is not “one more thing to do”—our work with schools aligns with their goals to accelerate and enhance the work that is already happening.

Avid Decades of College Dreams
AVID Site Team
Contact Ryan Dukart  Ryan Dukart (505) 255-8691 7th Grade Gifted Language Arts
Contact Ann Goldenberg  Ann Goldenberg (505) 255-8691 ex: 20515 8th Grade Math/Algebra 1; Yearbook
Contact April Kinney  April Kinney 8th grade Gifted ELA and Journalism
Contact Danielle Lazar  Danielle Lazar (505) 255-8691 ex: 20579 Language Arts & AVID 8th Grade Teacher/AVID Co-Coordinator
Contact Patrick Logan  Patrick Logan (505) 255-8691 ex: 20544 8th Grade American History - Boys Basketball,Track Coach & Magic Club Sponsor
Contact Bonny Nead  Bonny Nead (505) 255-8691 ex: 20546 Teacher - 6th Gr English Language Arts, and 6th, 7th, & 8th Gr Creative Writing
Contact Jay Penn  Jay Penn (505) 255-8691 ex: 20557 Math Teacher/Robotics Coordinator/Chess Coach
Contact Terresa Roybal  Terresa Roybal (505) 255-8691 ex: 20527 7th grade Language Arts and AVID Teacher/Co-Coordinator
Contact John Scholz  John Scholz (505) 255-8691 ex: 20507 Counselor - 7th Grade
Contact Carlos Vigil  Carlos Vigil (505) 255-8691 ex: 20575 Technology Teacher/Graphic Designer/Webmaster