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Pick-up and Drop-off Process
Posted 8/23/19

Good Evening Jefferson Families,


I am calling tonight to outline the procedure for the drop off and pick up process for Jefferson Middle School.  We ask that students be picked up and dropped off on the east side of the loop near the Lomas exit gate.  Please do not drop off or pick up students at any other part of the loop. 


The speed limit at the loop is five miles per hour.  Please us the right lane to drop off and pick up and the left lane to access the exit gate.  Students should not enter or exit cars from the far lane.

Please do not drop off or pick up students on Lomas or Girard.  These are very busy and dangerous streets.  We do not want students jaywalking across either of these streets. 


The church across the street from Jefferson Middle School and the neighborhood north of the school are not designated pick up and drop off sites.  Please do not use either of these locations to pick up or drop off your student.


Lastly, please do not park in the visitor’s parking lot if you are picking up or dropping off your student.  The visitor’s parking lot is for visitors to the school that intend to park their car and enter the school. 


Thank you for your help and we look forward to having a safe and effective drop off pick up in place for our students, staff, and families.


Have a nice evening,


Monica Olmsted


Jefferson Middle School