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Jet Card Information
Posted 1/8/19

January 7, 2019



Subject:  Reinstatement of Jet Cards



Dear Parents and Guardians,



Here at Jefferson Middle School, the Jet Card will be reinstated for all students for the 3rd and 4th Nine Weeks.  It will be stapled to the front of each student’s school agenda.


Our Jet Card has a tradition of reminding students of important life skills necessary to build relationships, help others, remain inclusive and to persevere when times are trying.


When a student needs assistance/reminding in the above areas, their Jet Card will be signed and filled out by the student’s advisory teacher who will contacted by the staff member that witnessed the behavior or incident. It is requested that the student’s parent/guardian sign next to the incident, affirming the behavior has been acknowledged at home.


The Jet Card additionally records student tardiness for all classes.  Each classroom teacher signs and dates the Jet Card when a student is late for class.  Tardy sweeps will be conducted periodically to ensure that students get to class on time. 


It is important for parents to check their student’s Jet Card on a daily basis and to communicate with the student’s teacher(s) if there is a question or concern about an incident.


If you have any questions about the Jet Card, please feel free to give me a call at 255-8691 or email me at olmsted@aps.eduWe look forward to the continuing success of your student.


Thank you,




Monica Olmsted

Interim Principal

Jefferson Middle School