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Contact Monica Olmsted  Monica Olmsted Principal
Contact Erin Peterson  Erin Peterson Assistant Principal
Contact Yvonne Salazar  Yvonne Salazar Dean of Students
Contact Tamara Dunham  Tamara Dunham (505) 255-8691 ex: 20505 Librarian
Contact Suzan Dunnum  Suzan Dunnum (505) 255-8691 ex: 20610 Gifted Head Teacher; Science Dept Head
Contact Elayne Florek  Elayne Florek ex: 20508 Counseling Secretary - Registrar & Records
Contact Katrice Grant  Katrice Grant (505) 255-8691 ex: 20507 Counselor - 6th Grade
Contact Michele Hardwick  Michele Hardwick (505) 255-8691 ex: 20511 Counselor - 8th Grade
Contact Katherine Jackson  Katherine Jackson Nurse
Contact Cynthia Johnson  Cynthia Johnson (505) 255-8691 ex: 20591 Educational Assistant
Contact Janet Jurado  Janet Jurado ex: 20502 Principal's Secretary - Bookkeeper
Contact Catherine Kroll  Catherine Kroll (505) 255-8691 ex: 20596 Special Education Social Worker
Contact Denise Leyba  Denise Leyba Attendance Clerk
Contact Clifford Patterson  Clifford Patterson (505) 255-8691 ex: 20592 Educational Assistant
Contact Kathryn Siders  Kathryn Siders Instructional Coach / SAT Chair / Testing Coordinator
Contact Stacey Sieberg  Stacey Sieberg (505) 255-8691 ex: 20506 Counselor - 7th Grade
Contact Mary Slota  Mary Slota ex: 20602 Community Liaison
Contact Sierra Soto  Sierra Soto Health Assistant
Contact David Unwin  David Unwin (505) 255-8691 ex: 20596 Educational Assistant
Contact Megan Willoughby  Megan Willoughby Head Special Education Teacher
Contact Deborah Alberti  Deborah Alberti (505) 255-8691 ex: 20545 Teacher - 7th Grade Social Studies/8th Grade Literacy Strategies
Contact Emily Bayer  Emily Bayer (505) 255-8691 ex: 20560 Math Teacher
Contact Tamika Berezniak  Tamika Berezniak 6th Grade ELA and AVID Teacher
Contact Esther Bergh  Esther Bergh (505) 255-8691 Choir
Contact Amalia Blair  Amalia Blair (505) 255-8691 ex: 20514 Culinary Arts
Contact Laurie Boyce  Laurie Boyce Teacher
Contact Samantha Cordova  Samantha Cordova (505) 255-8691 ex: 20539 7th Grade Science Teacher
Contact Ofelia De La Torre-echols  Ofelia De La Torre-echols 5058691 ex: 20529 Spanish Teacher
Contact Ryan Dukart  Ryan Dukart (505) 255-8691 7th Grade Gifted Language Arts
Contact Robert Durant  Robert Durant (505) 255-8691 ex: 20540 Physical Education Teacher
Contact Darleene Edwards  Darleene Edwards (505) 255-8691 ex: 20574 7th grade Small Group Language Arts and Reading
Contact Elizabeth Faulk  Elizabeth Faulk (505) 255-8691 ex: 20606 Art Education
Contact David Fietek  David Fietek (505) 255-8691 ex: 20540 Physical Education Teacher
Contact Mark Golda  Mark Golda (505) 255-8691 ex: 20572 Math Instructor
Contact Monica Hall  Monica Hall 8th Grade ELA & U.S. History
Contact Maureen Hickey  Maureen Hickey Math & Information Technology
Contact Robert Janov  Robert Janov (505) 255-8691 ex: 20537 Rock and Rhythm / Music Production
Contact Aaron Jawson  Aaron Jawson (505) 255-8691 ex: 20526 Makerspace Teacher
Contact Steven Kaestner  Steven Kaestner (505) 255-8691 ex: 20608 Teacher, Super Science
Contact Taron Kouri  Taron Kouri (505) 255-8691 ex: 20535 Director of Bands, Exploratory Music Teacher
Contact Valerie Lamberti  Valerie Lamberti (505) 255-8691 ex: 20531 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Contact Danielle Lazar  Danielle Lazar (505) 255-8691 ex: 20579 Language Arts & AVID 8th Grade Teacher/AVID Co-Coordinator
Contact Girit Lerche  Girit Lerche (505) 255-8691 ex: 20528 ELA Teacher
Contact Patrick Logan  Patrick Logan (505) 255-8691 ex: 20544 8th Grade American History - Boys Basketball,Track Coach & Magic Club Sponsor
Contact Ann Maes  Ann Maes (505) 255-8691 ex: 20554 Math 6th and 8th
Contact Christopher Mondragon  Christopher Mondragon District Adapted Physical Educator
Contact Bonny Nead  Bonny Nead (505) 255-8691 ex: 20546 Teacher - 6th Gr English Language Arts, and 6th, 7th, & 8th Gr Creative Writing
Contact Jay Penn  Jay Penn (505) 255-8691 ex: 20557 Math Teacher/Robotics Coordinator/Chess Coach
Contact Sherie Pennebaker  Sherie Pennebaker (505) 255-8691 ex: 20569 6th Grade Science, Strategic Games
Contact Jennifer Ploss  Jennifer Ploss (505) 255-8691 Teacher 6th Grade Science
Contact Heather Reeves  Heather Reeves Teacher
Contact Leslie Richard  Leslie Richard (505) 255-8691 Teacher of Gifted English Language Arts
Contact Michael Riemen  Michael Riemen (505) 255-8691 ex: 20552 6th Grade World History
Contact Joshua Rogers  Joshua Rogers (505) 255-8691 ex: 20516 7th Grade Small Group and Inclusion Math Teacher
Contact Ben Roscoe  Ben Roscoe (505) 255-8691 ex: 50530 Teacher 8th Grade Science
Contact Terresa Roybal  Terresa Roybal Teacher
Contact Sarah Saenz  Sarah Saenz (505) 977-8881 Gifted 7th grade LA
Contact Suzanne Shelton  Suzanne Shelton (505) 255-8691 ex: 20532 Orchestra Director, Exploratory Music Teacher, Fine Arts Department Co-Chair
Contact Tina Siefert  Tina Siefert (505) 255-8691 ex: 20553 7th Grade ELA and Media Literacy
Contact Margaret Silva  Margaret Silva 7th Grade New Mexico History Teacher
Contact Jarryd St. John  Jarryd St. John 6th & 7th Grade Math
Contact Natalie Tillman  Natalie Tillman Teacher
Contact Monika Unwin  Monika Unwin (505) 255-8691 ex: 20558 Special Education Teacher
Contact Carlos Vigil  Carlos Vigil (505) 255-8691 ex: 20575 Technology Teacher/Graphic Designer/Webmaster
Contact Monica Vigil  Monica Vigil Special Education Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Bo Wade  Bo Wade (505) 255-8691 ex: ex. 20519 7th Grade Science
Contact Marisa Wickham  Marisa Wickham (505) 255-8691 ex: 20547 8th ELA and Media Literacy Teacher
Contact Shelli Williams  Shelli Williams (505) 255-8691 ex: 20536 Teacher 8th Physical Science
Contact Megan Willoughby  Megan Willoughby Head Special Education Teacher