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Continuous Learning with JMS

Teaching Will Be Different

1. Focus on essential learning

2. Emphasize relationships

3. Patience & flexibility

4. Students will receive feedback on assignments rather than grades

5. Attendance will not be taken

Distance Learning Does Not All Look the Same

  • Synchronous/ asynchronous
  • Flipped classrooms
  • Texts or School Messenger
  • Posts on school web site
  • Google classroom

AVID Strategy for Learning 

Are you looking for an AVID strategy to help your child process something they are learning about right now?

Try an AVID D.L.I.Q. Learning Log.

Pick up a book, article, or magazine, watch a documentary or take a virtual visit to a museum. Your student can write about what they DID, what they LEARNED, what they found INTERESTING and what QUESTIONS they have. This is an effective way to write about and process something learned.

Encourage students to share their learning logs with their teachers!

New!8th Grade Final Sendoff

Next Wednesday, May 27th at 11:30 a.m., we invite 8th grade families to drive through the loop for a final sendoff.  Students will receive one last memento of Jefferson Middle School from their teachers.  Only one car per family can come to this event, please do not get out of your car, and please follow all rules of the road.  Also, please have the 8th grade student on the passenger side of the car for easier distribution.

Promotion Certificates

Promotion Certificates will be mailed home to all 8th grade students.  Students that have received a 3.5 GPA or higher for the past five semesters will receive an additional certificate for Honor Roll.

In Need of a Mask?

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Internet Access/Laptops for Families with Multiple Students

Families with more than one APS student learning at home may now check out a laptop computer from APS Technology at its distribution center at 930 Oak St. SE - READ MORE

Check Synergy E-mail Regularly

Parents: make sure Jefferson has your correct e-mail address. Check your e-mail and ParentVue.
Students: you can check for e-mail from teachers using StudentVue.

Check Google Classroom and/or Teacher Sites Regularly

Tissue paper collage by Imani Cole-Robinson, 7th Grade

More info will be added to this page as needed, so make sure to refresh it. (Mac=CMD+R, Windows=CTRL+F5, Chromebook=CTRL+R)

The Schedule Below Begins April 13th & Ends May 21st

Click on the schedule below for a PDF - or download PDF.

Internet - Wifi Info for Families

APS EdTech
Wi-Fi Connectivity, Internet, & Data

To help connect more low-income families during this difficult time, Comcast is offering any new Internet Essentials customer two free months of Internet service, effective immediately. After the second month, customers are free to cancel their service or remain in the program as paying customers at the heavily discounted Internet Essentials Rate of $9.95 a month. Sign up for Internet Essentials online or call 1-855-846-8376. Spanish-only speakers can call 1-855-765-6995. Sign up for Internet Essentials Online

Student Passwords

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Call Tech Help Desk:
(505) 830-8080

Google resources

Meet Etiquette
Google Meet Etiquette - PDF